If I Am Injured In A Florida Auto Accident And I Don’t Have Auto Insurance, Can I Still Recover Money For My Injuries?

Weston Auto Accident Victim Receives $50,000 Policy Limit Due to Injuries Sustained in Auto Accident

Did you know that simply because a victim fails to carry automobile insurance, he or she still may collect money for bodily injury from the other parties insurance? Unlike Florida, in certain states if a driver of a vehicle is injured in an automobile accident but failed to have their own insurance on their vehicle, the victim is denied a recovery. That is not the case in Florida. If your auto policy lapsed or expired prior to the date of the accident, you can still recover a bodily injury settlement from the person who caused the accident. Let’s take a look at a case we handled in which our client had no care insurance and our car accident attorneys were able to obtain a maximum recovery.

Rear End Auto Accident Causes Serious Injuries to the Victim’s Lower Back

Our client, a 35 year old self employed handy man resident of Weston, Florida, was driving his car on Ocean Drive in Hallandale, Florida. The defendant, who was driving the car directly behind our client, was not paying attention to the road and crashed into the rear of our client’s vehicle. The impact was so great that the accident caused the insurance company to declare our client’s truck a total loss, which was valued at over $10,000! Unfortunately our client did not qualify for PIP benefits because he forgot to pay his car insurance bill on time. As a result, the client, our firm, and the treating physicians in this case all signed “Letters of Protection,” which allowed our client to undergo treatment without paying any costs up front. The doctors will be paid their reasonable fees upon resolution of a successful claim.

In this case, our client sought the care and medical treatment from a nearby chiropractor. After 6 weeks of treatment without improvement, our client was referred for an MRI of the lumbar spine. The MRI showed a herniation in the lumbar spine at L3-L4. Due to the findings of the MRI, the chiropractor referred our client to an orthopedic surgeon. After a careful evaluation and review of the medical reports, the orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery to repair the herniated disc—an evocative lumbar discography with partial internal diskectomy. The client underwent the surgical procedure.

Weston Auto Accident Victim Receives $50,000 Policy Limit

After the accident our client hired the Weston Auto Accident Attorneys Dell and Schaefer. Our firm filed a claim against the defendant’s insurance company for bodily injury, pain and suffering, lost wages, and emotional distress. After the demand letter was filed, our firm gave the insurance company 30 days to tender out their bodily injury limits of $50,000.

The insurance company failed to respond within the time frame we gave the insurance company. As a result a second letter was sent, giving the insurance company 24 hours to tender the policy limits or our firm would file a lawsuit. Not only did the insurance company fail to tender out the $50,000, but they responded with a lowball offer of only $29,000. Fed up with the games being played by the insurance company, our firm drafted a lawsuit. Upon learning that our firm drafted a lawsuit, the insurance company quickly tendered out the $50,000!

Our client was absolutely delighted that we stayed committed to our demand of $50,000 and never settled for less than the maximum recovery possible under the policy of insurance.

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