The insurance company called after a slip and fall. What do I do?

Attorney Dennis SchaeferAuthor: Attorney Dennis Schaefer

There is really only one answer to this question. Call Dell & Schaefer. There is very little good that can come of an untrained victim speaking to a highly trained insurance investigator or adjuster. The odds are stacked highly against you that something you might say will hurt you.

Practically speaking, calling a lawyer for advice in a slip and fall does not cost you anything. Putting the insurance person off until you speak to a lawyer, does not damage your case. The only real obstacle is overcoming the common belief that you do not think you can do any harm by speaking to the insurance people without legal advice. Clearly, this is more of an ego issue than anything else. Statistics will show the significant damage speaking to an insurance person investigating a case without advice will cause.

This really is a very important question, with a very simple answer. Do not speak to an insurance investigator or adjuster without first getting legal advice.


Sunday, May 17, 2015
Bill Weldon:

Fell in Safeway grocery store. Lower and mid back
Pain hurts more each day. Plus both wrist feel sprained.
Happened on 5-5-15.

Monday, May 18, 2015
Jason Macri:

HI Bill,

What caused you to fall? Was Safeway negligent? Please call us to discuss your case further.

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