Progressive Insurance offered me a $15,000.00 settlement after knee surgery resulting from an accident caused by their insured. What are my options?

Attorney Jay KanterAuthor: Attorney Jay Kanter

Progressive Insurance can make very low and even sometimes ridiculous offers to settle injury claims. If you are injured in an accident and the injury requires surgery, your claim for damages could be substantial. In order to get Progressive to properly evaluate a claim, a lawsuit must be filed against them or their insured. In many instances, the offer will rise substantially when they are served with a summons and complaint. I had a similar case recently where there was a big impact, a totaled car, and a knee surgery, where Progressive made a very low offer. Upon being served with a summons and complaint, Progressive more than doubled their original offer. This still did not resolve the case and discovery will continue. The point is that filing the lawsuit alone will often motivate Progressive to make a more realistic and fair offer. This will most likely happen in an accident where there was a significant impact and the injuries are causally related to the accident, and the injuries are serious enough to require surgical intervention.

If you have suffered a serious injury and Progressive or any insurance company makes a low ball offer to settle, please contact Attorneys Dell & Schaefer for a free consultation on how to proceed in order to obtain fair compensation.

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