Should I Sign a Car Accident Release Agreement Without A Florida Personal Injury Attorney?

Never Sign an Accident Release Without Legal Advice

It is not uncommon for a Florida car insurance company to try and get a Florida car accident victim to sign a release at the accident scene or shortly thereafter. Once signed, it is not impossible, but very difficult and time consuming to get the signed release voided. Auto insurance companies do this to quickly resolve their cases, right at the scene, for very little money. The insurance representative arrives at the scene, with release in hand.

They do this at a time when the victim is most vulnerable and has no idea how extensive his or her injuries will be. The accident law firm of Dell and Schaefer has been contacted by hundreds of car accident victims that have been asked to sign Releases within days of an auto accident. Do not sign a release without first getting legal advice.

Let’s take a look at an example of a case in which our client received almost $20,000 due to his smart decision to reject a $500 offer following his Punta Gorda car accident.

Punta Gorda Automobile Accident Results in Herniated Disc

Our client, a 40 year old father of two minor children was traveling north on highway 41 in Punta Gorda, on December 5, 2010 when he was rearended by the defendant. Our client was in shock from the impact and the event. Before he could gather himself the police and the at fault drivers insurance company were on the scene. Our client spoke to police. He gave them all the necessary paperwork and other documents and explained how the accident happened. 

Apparently there was little dispute about the facts at the scene. After the police were finished, the defendants insurance company representative offered our client $500.00 dollars, on the spot, if he would sign a release. Luckily, our client took the release and never signed it. He told the insurance representative that he would get back with them. 

That evening, his whole body began to ache. The next morning he visited a local doctor. The examination and preliminary diagnosis lead to several weeks of therapy. The failure of our client to significantly improve from the therapy lead to an M.R.I. being ordered. The results of the M.R.I revealed a focal herniation in the L 4-5 area of the lumbar spine.

Our Punta Gorda Car Accident Attorney Increases Settlement Offer by 38 Times

Thankfully our client did not need surgery. He did receive continued therapy and anti-inflammatory medicine. The car accident was a low impact accident with very little property damage. The actual property damage was under $1,500.00 dollars that was paid by the at fault insurance company, along with the rental car bill. Our client did not lose any time from work. Although being a warehouse manager he did have some issues of pain while doing some of his physical work. 

Ultimately his case was settled for $19,250.00, over 38 times what was offered at the accident scene.  Clearly, it is very important to consult an attorney before signing any releases or other documents in an accident case or other legal matter.

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