I slipped and fell at Publix and I got hurt. I don’t want to hire a lawyer. Can I deal with Publix on my own?

Attorney Jason MacriAuthor: Attorney Jason Macri

Hundreds, if not thousands of people, are injured while shopping at Publix every year. Many times the injury is due to Publix’s negligence. Publix employees may have forgotten to clean up a spill or pick up a piece of fruit which was smashed onto the floor. Maybe the employees responsible for monitoring the condition of the floor were busy doing something else and never got around to checking the floors for dangerous conditions. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes Publix makes a mistake which leads to the injury of a customer. The question for the customer becomes “should I hire a lawyer or should I deal with Publix on my own?

Not every person feels comfortable hiring a lawyer when they become injured. Many people like to be able to say that they are not litigious and don’t hire a lawyer every time that they have a problem. Some people don’t like the lawyer ads that they see on TV and on billboards and therefore, they don’t want to get involved with lawyers. Whatever your feelings are about lawyers, the bottom line is that Publix will always have a team of lawyers helping them. When a person becomes injured at Publix, their risk management team is immediately notified. From the moment the injury occurs, Publix is preparing to defend itself against the injured person. Without a lawyer, the injured person is at an extreme disadvantage. For every moment that passes after your injury, Publix has taken affirmative steps to ensure that your claim becomes weaker and weaker.

Many people ask “can I deal with Publix on my own?” The short answer to that question is “yes.” A person can deal with Publix directly, without a lawyer, after they have become injured. Is it advisable for a person to handle their own claim against Publix? Absolutely not! A skilled injury lawyer knows exactly what you need to prove in order to show that Publix was negligent. Your lawyer is aware of the pitfalls related to claims against Publix and can advise you on how to proceed. Handling your claim without a lawyer is like operating in the blind. One is bound to make several key mistakes when handling their own claim. One of those mistakes may permanently bar a person from proceeding with their claim against Publix, forever preventing the possibility of a positive recovery.

Consult a lawyer prior to attempting to handle your own claim against Publix. Ask that lawyer what she or he can do for you and if they can help with your claim against Publix. It is important to make this call before talking to Publix’s risk management employees about your case. Speaking with Publix about your case without having a lawyer on your side is a very bad idea. It’s something that can not only cost you precious time and effort, but may end up being the difference between adequate compensation and complete rejection.

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