Sunrise Car Accident Victim Receives $100,000.00 Settlement After Hiring Personal Injury Attorney

A 50 year old man, retired from the military, learned that hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is essential to getting a good settlement following an auto accident injury. Our client was driving southbound on University Drive, near the intersection of Oakland Park Blvd., when suddenly and unexpectedly he was sideswiped by a panel truck that was changing lanes. After being sideswiped, his car was forced off the road, causing him to slam into a utility pole. Our client was taken by ambulance to University Medical Center where he was x-rayed, treated and finally released, with instructions to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon for his shoulder and neck pain.

Insurance Company Offers Settlement to Accident Victim 1 Day After Accident

The day after the accident, a representative from the defendant’s insurance company came to his home and offered to pay him $1,500.00 to sign a release and settle his injury claim. Additionally, they offered to pay retail value, plus tax, for his totaled vehicle. Fortunately, our client, still experiencing severe shoulder pain, knew better than to sign a release and accept a settlement, without knowing the extent of his injury.

Sunrise Auto Accident Victim Hires Personal Injury Attorneys Dell & Schaefer

Shortly after the insurance adjuster left his house one day after the accident, our client called the experienced accident attorneys at Dell & Schaefer. He was immediately advised to seek treatment from an orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic prescribed a left shoulder MRI, which revealed a torn rotator cuff. Arthroscopic shoulder surgery was scheduled for the following week. The surgery was successful and after a month of physical therapy, our client was able to resume a normal life and get back to playing golf and taking care of his elderly parents.

Defendant’s Insurance Company Claim Injury Not Caused by This Accident

Upon completion of surgery and physical therapy, attorneys Dell & Schaefer presented a personal injury claim to the defendant’s insurance company. The insurance company claimed that our client’s shoulder injury likely resulted from a military service related accident and that the accident may have aggravated his condition, but did not cause it. We immediately hired an expert to review the MRI films. Both our expert and the treating physician clearly stated that the MRI revealed an acute injury that was caused by the recent trauma sustained from this car accident. Additionally, it was clear from prior medical records that our client had not complained of shoulder pain to any doctor for the five years preceding this accident.

Dell & Schaefer Settle Case for $100,000.00

Immediately after receiving our expert’s opinion and report stating that our client’s shoulder injury was acute, and NOT degenerative, the defendant’s insurance company made a $50,000.00 settlement offer. With our client’s permission, we rejected this offer. Within 1 month of rejecting their initial offer, our attorneys were able to negotiate a $100,000.00 settlement. At that time, our client realized the importance of hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer to pursue his claim for damages. He knows he would never have been able to accomplish a fair settlement on his own. As his attorneys, we were able to protect his rights and get him fair compensation for his injuries, pain and suffering.

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