West Palm Beach woman recovers $250,000 in rear-end accident

Our, client, a 49 year old medical transcriptionist, was stopped for a red light on Jog Road in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, when she was rear-ended by a tree trimming truck that failed to stop in time. As a result of the accident, she was thrown about in her car and sustained injuries to her neck and back. Unfortunately, she had been in a few other accidents, where she sustained neck and back injuries, and this accident exacerbated those injuries, causing her a great deal more pain.

As a result of her injuries, our client sought help from a number of doctors, including an orthopedic surgeon. The doctor attempted to treat her conservatively, with physical therapy and injections; but ultimately it was decided that she would have to undergo surgery to try to eliminate or lessen her pain. She therefore underwent a fusion in her low back, in which a plate and pins were placed on her spine at the L4-5 level. She subsequently had to undergo additional physical therapy and rehabilitation.

In order to obtain compensation for her injuries, our client contacted West Palm Beach car accident attorneys Dell & Schaefer to represent her against the trucking company. A lawsuit was undertaken on her behalf, which involved extensive discovery, including depositions and interrogatories (sworn written questions). Finally, at mediation, we were able to obtain a settlement for our client in the amount of $250,000. This amount went towards compensating her for pain and suffering and medical bills she incurred. This is a situation that we see quite often, involving someone injuring parts of their body that they have previously injured. Even though there are prior injuries, an injured Plaintiff is still able to recover for any new complaints or for any exacerbation to the prior injured body part.

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