Why Am I Having Trouble Finding An Attorney For A Case Against Miami Dade County?

Attorney Daniel VillalobosAuthor: Attorney Daniel Villalobos

Finding an attorney to represent you for an injury that occurred as a result of the negligence of an employee of Miami Dade County, can be quite challenging. Under Florida Law, the rules are different for suing a state agency such as the county, or city, or governor, than they are for suing a private person or an insurance company. Florida Law caps an attorney’s fee at 25%. Normally an attorney’s fee is 33% if a case is settled pre-suit, and 40% if a lawsuit is filed and the case goes to trial. However, since the attorney’s fee is capped at 25%, most lawyers are not jumping up and down to take the case since suing a state agency requires a lot of work, staff, time, and money. Often times, lawyers will require serious/catastrophic bodily injury or death in order to take a case. Catastrophic injuries could be broken bones, injuries that require surgery, loss of limb, or serious disfigurement of one’s body. If a victim’s injuries are smaller in nature, that require simple physical therapy or a few chiropractic adjustments, most attorneys decide not to get involved.

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