Why is it important to hire an accident reconstruction expert to investigate a Florida truck accident?

In a truck accident, as in all motor vehicle accidents, it is imperative to establish liability in order to recover for injuries that have been sustained. Establishing liability means showing evidence that proves that the other person was at fault for the accident. Frequently accident reconstruction experts are needed to help prove that the truck driver was responsible for the accident.

Vehicular accident reconstruction is the scientific process of investigating, analyzing, and drawing conclusions about the causes and events during a vehicle collision. Reconstructionists are employed to conduct in-depth collision analysis and reconstruction to identify the collision causation and contributing factors in different types of collisions, including the role of the driver(s), vehicle(s), roadway and the environment.

At Dell & Schaefer, we frequently employ accident reconstruction experts to evaluate truck accidents, as well as many other kinds of accidents, to help us establish liability against those people and entities who are responsible for injuries to our clients. We use a wide range of experts in many fields, all of whom have outstanding credentials and are able to come to court and testify on behalf of our clients.

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