Florida Cement Truck Accident Lawyers

Accidents involving cement trucks happen more often than you might think. Florida drivers, pedestrians and others are injured regularly in crashes, collisions and rollovers involving big cement trucks.


The lawyers at Dell & Schaefer have the specific trucking-industry knowledge and litigation experience to handle all truck accident cases. We routinely represent clients injured by tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, construction vehicles and more. Our firm has represented clients throughout Florida since 1979, fighting to achieve the results our clients deserve.

Why Are Cement Trucks Dangerous?

Like all other trucks, cement trucks are larger and heavier than any other vehicles on the roads. Cement trucks also have unique attributes that make them especially unsafe such as:

Susceptible to rollovers – Cement trucks can rollover quite easily, even at very slow speeds. Making sharp turns poses a risk when driving these large trucks with moving parts and wet cement. Rollovers may result from hurried driving, inexperienced drivers, inattentive driving, etc.
Inadequate training – To drive a cement truck, drivers must pass several tests for knowledge, skills, safety, air brakes and other requirements. Drivers who lack proper training or skills or who disobey precautions create potentially hazardous situations for others.
Low maneuverability – Cement trucks are difficult to control. With their size and weight, they generate significant momentum when moving. Quick maneuvers are hard, and drivers are less able to avoid obstacles or correct themselves if they are in the wrong lane.
Instability – With moving parts and unusual shapes, cement trucks are dangerous even when stopped.

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