Florida Delivery Truck Accident Lawyers

Most delivery trucks are not nearly the size of 18-wheelers or other tractor-trailers. But, they are larger than passenger cars and trucks. They outweigh bicyclists and pedestrians. They still cause serious injuries when involved in accidents.


Miami UPS Truck Accident Attorneys

Get help from an attorney at Dell & Schaefer if you or a loved one was injured in an accident involving a delivery truck like one of these:

  • FedEx truck accident
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • Grocery store delivery trucks — Publix
  • Beer truck accident
  • Beverage trucks — Tropicana, Coke, Pepsi

A major danger with delivery trucks stems from the areas in which they typically operate — residential neighborhoods, busy shopping areas and business districts. In these areas, there are more people walking, running and biking. There may be more traffic as people search for parking spots or back out of driveways.

Delivery trucks make sudden stops and often park in unexpected places. Drivers may be distracted, looking for parking spaces, ramps or delivery addresses. The dangers are many. If you were the victim of a crash with a truck above, explore your options with our Orlando delivery truck accident lawyers. We represent clients in Miami, Orlando and across the entire state. We provide vigorous and thorough advocacy in any injury negotiation, settlement or trial.

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