Florida Gas Truck Accident Lawyers

Gas trucks load, unload and transport gasoline, a hazardous material according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These hazmat trucks must follow strict regulations regarding the handling of gasoline and other materials. The failure to adhere to safety regulations can result in severe injuries.


Across Florida, the law firm of Dell & Schaefer has been sought by injured victims and their families since 1979. Our attorneys are known for our comprehensive level of clients’ service and steadfast dedication to helping victims of truck accidents. For counsel regarding a gas truck accident or other hazardous material injury, turn to us.

Tanker Truck Accident Attorneys In Florida

Gas trucks, as well as those hauling any of the following materials, pose a constant risk to the public:

– Flammable liquids or solids
– Explosives
– Dangerous gases
– Corrosives
– Radioactive substances
– Toxic materials

These hazmat trucks carry all of the same dangers as other large trucks, like 18-wheelers and other big rigs. Improper loading, unsafe driving, faulty parts and equipment all could cause an unexpected injury to other drivers or pedestrians.

Like other trucking cases, gas truck and oil truck crashes are complex and require knowledge of the trucking industry, insurance law and litigation. Our firm has handled truck accident cases for Florida clients for more than 30 years. Our team is prepared to meet your legal need with efficient service and dedication to pursuing the maximum compensation you deserve for all your losses.

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