Florida Rental Truck Accident Lawyers

Swift and effective investigation is one of the goals in accidents involving rental trucks. To do this, consult an experienced personal injury lawyer who has specific knowledge of handling truck crashes and every aspect of the litigation process.


At Dell & Schaefer, we are at your disposal when you or someone you love is injured. Our firm dates back to 1979 and has provided exceptional representation and advocacy to personal injury victims for more than 30 years. We have extensive knowledge of Florida’s trucking industry, nationwide trucking practices and how to manage the challenges posed by truck crashes.

Truck accident cases can be quite complex because there may be many sources of liability such as the trucking owner, the company, the insurer and others. With rental trucks, there are special considerations that we thoroughly investigate:

  • The rental company’s screening process — making sure they have adequate procedures in place to avoid renting to unlicensed drivers or those with a history of driving violations
  • Maintenance of rental trucks — looking for compliance with every safety requirement such as inspections, maintenance, replacements, repairs, etc.
  • Experience of rental truck drivers — uncovering gaps in knowledge or training regarding operation, load balancing and more.

Our clients include all those injured due to the negligence of another. In these situations, this might mean other drivers on the road, bicyclists and pedestrians. If you were the driver of the rental truck (commonly moving trucks) and were injured because of unsafe or defective truck parts, we can look to other sources of liability for your claim.

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