Florida Work Truck Accident Lawyers

Work trucks fill our streets every day. These trucks are driven by contractors, company owners and workers who need to haul their work-related equipment to and from job sites. These are the trucks you see carrying ladders, flooring, machinery and more to perform various repair and installation services at homes and businesses. Examples include:

– Construction workers
– Carpenters
– Heating and air conditioning repair personnel
– Electricians
– Plumbers
– Roofers
– Furniture suppliers


To deal with the aftermath of a work truck accident injury, contact our team at Dell & Schaefer. We are a Florida truck accident and personal injury law firm with a history of helping injured clients across the state since 1979. We provide clients with strong legal advocacy and unmatched personal service.

Work vehicles vary from pickup trucks, vans, even small and large tractor-trailers. Being injured in an accident with one of these vehicles can mean you are up against a bigger, heavier vehicle. They may be carrying many times their weight in equipment and machinery. They may have items sticking out from behind or the sides of the truck.

Work trucks such as those above are usually insured by the business. Our attorneys know where to look for accountability, including drivers, businesses and insurance companies. Determining liability is a challenge in most truck accident cases, but we do not let that stop us from pursuing results for clients. See what other clients have said about us on our Testimonials page, or contact us to see for yourself.

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