Miami Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Miami Personal Injury Attorneys have represented hundreds of people that have been injured in both Miami, Florida and throughout the state by no fault of their own.

Our lawyers are available by appointment to meet with you at our Miami office, your home, the hospital or at a location that is most convenient for you.

We are committed to taking immediate action on your case.

Miami Accident Attorneys Take Immediate Action

In the initial stages of a personal injury claim our Miami Personal Injury Lawyers have two primary concerns:

1. Make sure that our client is receiving immediate and appropriate medical treatment. Our attorneys and staff will assist you with the process of selecting and scheduling appointments with the appropriate medical specialist.; and

2. Our attorneys will take all necessary steps to preserve all available evidence from the scene of the accident. Preservation of evidence could require obtaining photographs of the scene, videotaping of the scene, obtaining statements from any witnesses, obtaining police / accident reports, obtaining video surveillance from any cameras surrounding the scene of the accident, and immediately hiring experts to investigate the accident scene.

We have an on-staff investigator that is responsible for accident scene preservation.

Do You A Have Case?

In 95% of the Miami, Florida accident cases that we handle our accident attorneys can tell you within a matter of minutes whether you have case. The best way to know if you have a case is to call us for a free phone consultation. Whether you are a Miami resident or were injured in Miami, our attorneys are available to discuss your recent accident.

The personal injury division of our law firm only represents the injured and we never represent insurance companies. We have assisted clients with accident and injury claims against every major insurance company and most of the world’s largest corporations. We encourage you to view some of our resolved cases and client references are available upon request.

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Miami, Florida Accident Facts

Miami Personal Injury AttorneysMiami is one of the most sought after cities in America and the world. Its prime location makes Miami is an important center for business, culture, finance, entertainment and media, and serves as the bridge between American and Latin American markets. Many Miami residents commute to work via US-1, the Dolphin Expressway and Interstate 95. In 2008 alone, there were 60 crashes which led to 64 fatalities in the Miami-Dade portion of I-95 alone.

Due to the temperate climate and large expanse of beaches, residents enjoy an active lifestyle, including motorcycling, bicycling, running, boating, fishing, dog parks and other outdoor activities. At times, these activities can turn dangerous and regrettably, accidents do occur.

Miami is the departure port of many large cruises headed to the Caribbean, Bahamas and beyond. Unfortunately, accidents often occur on board these large vessels. To serve the large population, there are many hospitals in the city, including Miami Regional Medical Center and Palmetto General Hospital.

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